The final PB.C betting chart on the Lib Dem race

March 1st, 2006

chart final lib dem race1.png
As a matter of record here is the final betting chart on the 2006 Lib Dem leadership race. This is based on the implied probability of victory based on the best betting prices.

I like them because they do graphically illustrate changing perceptions over time.

For all but four and a half weeks since the polls closed on May 5th 2005 we have had a leadership race taking place and our traffic has increased so that on most weekdays more than 10,000 individual users have come onto the site. In that period since 10pm on election night there have been 130,431 comments on the site bringing the total to 178,835 since we started.

Thanks for your support. BTW whatever are we going to talk about next week?

Mike Smithson

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