Mystery punter “buys” the Lib Dems at £3,000 a seat

Mystery punter “buys” the Lib Dems at £3,000 a seat

    Lib Dem spread decline on the turn

With Charles and Sarah’s baby due at any time a punter has made the biggest spread bet of the campagn so far “buying” the Lib Dems at the 67 seat level at £3,000 a seat. So if the party only secured the 46 seats that it got in 1997 the punter would be down £63,000. On the other hand a Lib Dem total of more than the 80 that some party optimists have been predicting this gambler would be in pocket by nearly £40,000.

The effect has been to halt the decline in the Lib Dem spread price with IG Index who have now increased the spread to 65 – 68 Commons seats.

Following the euphoria of their conference last autumn and their by-election performances the Lib Dem spread moved to 72-76 seats. Since then it’s been in a steady and slow decline until this afternoon.

Mike Smithson

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