I agree with Fraser Nelson – In September 2010 Labour elected the best Miliband

July 14th, 2013

After watching David Miliband’s interview on Marr this morning I set out to write a piece that Labour chose the right Miliband. The Speccie’s Fraser Nelson got there before me. This is how he concludes:-

“David Miliband this morning reminded Labour (now 11 points ahead in the polls) that they chose the better of the two brothers…. Whatever Labour’s future holds, it will not involve a return of a man whose chance for big time came – and went – when he chickened out of moving against Brown in May 2008.

I stopped rating David Miliband a bit earlier in May 2007 when he didn’t have the bottle to throw his hat into the ring against Gordon Brown.

It was the same story in 2008 and 2009. It was clear that Brown was an electoral liability but the ever so cautious DavidM didn’t take the opportunity.

You’ve got to be hungry and take risks in these matters as EdM showed that he had the mettle – his brother didn’t.

Mike Smithson

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