Ladrokes offering evens that the SNP will increase the number Westminster MPs at GE2015

July 4th, 2013

Ladbrokes have an interesting bet up on the number of SNP MPs at Westminster after the next general election.

The prices are evens that it will be above 6.5 and evens that it will be below.

The big election between now and 2015, of course, is the Scottish Indy referendum in September 2014. If YES wins then, I’d assume, there’d still be Scottish MPs in the UK parliament until a full transfer of power has taken place.

If it’s NO as the polls are suggesting then that might be a big blow to Salmond’s party which could impact on their GE2015 performance.

Most of the money at the moment is going on more than 6.5 SNP MPs.

At GE2010 the party won six seats putting them in third place behind the LDs and LAB.

Mike Smithson

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