Ukip are fielding candidates in three-quarters of the local seats up on May 2nd

April 9th, 2013

That’s three times as many as in 2009

Mark Senior has published the first tally of candidates who’ll be fighting the local elections on May 2nd. This is the party break-down.

Con 2,249
Lab 2,165
LDem 1,760
UKIP 1,727
Green 877
BNP 100
TUSC 116
Liberal 11
Meb K 25
Ind/Others 782

    For Ukip to have the nationwide organisation capable of putting up candidate in three quarters of the seats is a massive achievement. They’ve nearly beaten the LD total

That they are riding so high at the moment makes the May elections very hard to predict. Our only guide is what’s been happening in local by-elections which have been pretty bad for the blues.

There’s little doubt that Ukip will chalk up a very respectable national equivalent vote share. The big question is how many seats they’ll take.

CON MPs in English marginals will be looking at the results in their areas very closely.

Mike Smithson

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