Date for diary: The next Dirty Dicks gathering – FRIDAY April 19

March 15th, 2013

Hope you can make the next PB gathering

Thanks to Fat Steve for once again organising this. We are having another informal get-together at the historic Dirty Dicks pub opposite the main entrance to Liverpool Street station in London.

    The day Friday: the Date April 19th: The time – from 6.30 pm onwards

In response to several requests we are holding the event on a Friday night in the hope that it will attract more PBers from outside London who might want to make a weekend on it.

These events have become a regular part of the PB scene over the years and the venue works well.

Whatever your connection with PB – whether you are a poster or not – you’ll be most welcome and you’ll meet some REALLY INTERESTING PEOPLE!

Put the date in your diary now.

Mike Smithson

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