This is starting to look a bit like November 1990 when Mrs. Thatcher was brought down

March 13th, 2013

Suddenly the race to replace Dave as CON leader goes public as Gove lashes out at Theresa May

Public wrangling like this can only damage the party

One of the givens of modern politics is that parties that appear to be split get punished by the electorate.

So what are we to make of latest missive by leadership hopeful, Michael Gove against the Home Secretary Theresa May for her speech at the weekend? Normally these things are all done in private or by using surrogates to speak on your behalf.

What’s striking about these overnight developments is that it is Gove himself who is going public. You can only conclude that he sees Theresa May as a growing obstacle in the way of his own leadership ambitions.

The problem for the party and Cameron is that the media loves all of this magnifying each event thus creating an overall impression of splits and divisions.

Watch this space. We might just be seeing another November 1990.

Mike Smithson

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