There’ll be no new Eastleigh polls before the election…

February 25th, 2013

Meanwhile news if coming out about postal voting

So it’s Survation’s 4% CON lead vs the Populus 5% LD one

I’ve done a check round the pollsters with the capabilities to do constituency surveys and the message I’ve got is that there probably won’t be a new survey ahead of Thursday.

The information we have is restricted to the Survation and Populus surveys that we saw over the weekend. The former had CON 4% ahead while the latter gave the LDs a 5% margin.

The only other data to emerge today is the above Tweet from Michael Crick about postal votes. The ratio of those returned already to those issued suggests that we’ll see a pretty good turnout.

The LDs, meanwhile, continue as odds-on favourites on the betting markets. Read into that what you will.

Mike Smithson

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