Lib Dems move to a 5 point lead in Eastleigh with Populus

February 22nd, 2013


Lib Dems 33 (+2)

Conservatives 28 (-6)

UKIP 21 (+8)

Labour 11 (-8)

The changes are from the Populus poll for Lord Ashcroft earlier on this month, this is not a strict comparison, but for illustrative purposes, PBers can decide for themselves, if they prefer this approach or not.

Other salient points from the poll

But the Populus poll suggests that the election will be swayed by local issues rather than national figures. Fewer than two in five (37 per cent) of those planning to vote Lib Dem have a positive view of Mr Clegg, the Lib Dem leader. A quarter of Lib Dem voters (25 per cent) have a negative view of the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Times also says,

the poll shows that it will be hard for Tories to blame their candidate, as some MPs are beginning to try to do.

Update – In more bad news for Cameron


 Update II – It’s all happening tonight.