After the ComRes online poll with changed methodology the YouGov Sunday Times survey paints a very different picture

February 17th, 2013

Which is right YouGov or ComRes online revised?

ComRes in its online form only started polling after GE2010 and as such is untested at a general election. Last night we saw the latest for the IoS and Sunday Mirror with extraordinary numbers showing a quarter of the sample saying they were supporting OTHERS.

Until that poll ComRes online had kepts its others’ total more in line with the established pollsters by imposing a stricter certainty to vote weighting on the other parties compared with CON/LAB/LD.

This morning we see the latest Sunday Times poll by YouGov which provides a very different picture of opinion as seen in the pie chart above.

    Over the past week we have had ICM, Ipsos-MORI and YouGov which have LAB leads in double figures and aggregates for OTHERS in the low/mid teens. ComRes online had a lead of 5% and an OTHERS aggregate of 25%.

To my mind the odd one out is ComRes online which needs to look further at its methodology.

Mike Smithson

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