Is this further proof of why UKIP are not capable of winning Parliamentary seats

February 14th, 2013

According to the Telegraph, UKIP has sent out the above leaflet.

Saying Eastleigh deserves better. It certainly does. The leaflets have been put through doors in Colden Common, which is not part of the Eastleigh constituency.

Given the gimmicks UKIP have used in the past, it isn’t surprising they finished third in a two-horse race in Buckingham.

What makes this mistake in Eastleigh even more alarming for UKIP was that Mike Smithson was told last week.

    Compare and contrast how John O’Farrell is campaigning.


Taking all of this on board, it definitely is worth revisiting the vote match markets and backing Labour to beat UKIP, as these aren’t the sort of mistakes the Tories, Labour or Liberal Democrats would make.

Hat tip to hyufd for alerting me to the leaflet story on the overnight thread.