LAB lead moves up 2 points to 12 percent in first post-speech polling

January 24th, 2013

We need to wait till weekend before getting proper picture

If YouGov were following their usual pattern fieldwork would have started at 5pm on Tuesday evening and continued until 5pm yesterday. We do not know what proportion of the sample was before and afterwards and whether there was any difference in the response pattern.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning before we get the first full post speech survey.

    But the main elements of the speech of were widely reported on Tuesday evening so what Cameron announced yesterday did not come as a total surprise.

On top of that EdM’s comment at PMQs on LAB’s opposition to a referendum came towards the end of the fieldwork period.

Even so the Tories might be a bit disappointed with LAB and the LDs feeling a bit relieved.

We’ll get a better picture by the weekend.

Mike Smithson

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