Now hints of a story you never thought you would see: Nick Clegg – the Comeback Kid

January 17th, 2013

Is he getting the benefit of the boundaries veto?

Interesting developments in the polling over the past two days. The latest YouGov sees the LDs move to 12% – a figure that has only been seen twice before since 2010. This is even more extraordinary given yesterday’s Ipsos-MORI poll which had the party’s vote share at its lowest point since 1990.

Nick Clegg’s personal ratings with MORI, though still dire, saw a 9 point uplift on December.

Today’s YouGov “best PM” ratings see Cameron’s lead over Miliband move up 2 to 10%. At the same time the Clegg “best PM” rating edges up 2 to 7% – the highest level since 2010.

If the LDs are making a bit of a recovery then the beneficiary might be Cameron. The Tories need the LD vote to remain buoyant in the CON-LAB battlegrounds.

Mike Smithson

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