The Lib Dems drop to their lowest level with Ipsos-MORI since 1990

January 16th, 2013

And UKIP get 3rd place in a phone survey for first time

The pie chart says it all. LAB hold a 13% lead over CON and the LDs slip behind UKIP for the first time in a phone poll.

    This is seriously bad news for the party and for Nick Clegg who is keen to carry on as leader until the general election and beyond.

As PB regulars will know I attach much greater importance to phone polls than online ones and this unerlines that the yellows are in trouble.

There will be a nervous few days at the party HQ ahead of the next ICM poll – the other main phone poll of the month and the one that traditionally has the LDs on a higher level.

UPDATE – the leader ratings from Ipsos-MORI

Mike Smithson

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