Starting tomorrow the PB Thursday Night Local Elections Special

January 16th, 2013

Join us to get first news of what’s happening

From tomorrow there will be a new feature on the site – The PB Thursday Local Elections Special.

    This will provide a focus for the council by-elections that take place on many Thursdays when real voters cast real votes in real elections.

I know, many current PBers have a fund of knowledge in this area and do, already feed in information.

A briefing, written by Harry Hayfield, on the seats at stake on the day together with previous results to put them into context, will be published mid-evening.

To hold it all together Marf has created a special carton which will become the logo for this feature.

All local by-elections are of course local and each has special features and points of interest. Hopefully Harry’s headers and the expert contributions on the thread will add to all our understanding of what’s going on.

See you tomorrow night.

Mike Smithson

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