The Clegg masochism strategy: The first leadership ratings have him up a net 9pc in a week

January 13th, 2013

Today’s net -45% the best in getting of for a year

Piles of polling overnight including, as every Sunday morning, the YouGov leadership ratings. Cameron sees a net rise of 1 to minus 18%; Ed Miliband a net increase of 3 to minus 20% and Nick Clegg up 9 to minus 45%.

The Clegg boost follows, of course, the first of his highly publcised weekely phone-in rogrammes on LBC which have been described as a “masochism strategy”.

The latest voting intention number from YouGov have CON 31%: LAB 44%: LD 11%: UKIP 8% are also good news for the yellows with the party having been in double figure for three and a half weeks – the first time that has happened since 2010.

But that contrasts with Opinium for the Observer overnight which had the party at its lowest level ever 7%. The firm is the only online pollster that does not take any steps to ensure a politically balanced sample.

The other polling headlines:-

So a very satisfactory set of figures for Labour – double digit leads in the Euro elections survey as well as the two Westminster voting intention ones.