Ed Miliband shouldn’t have given the undertaking that Ed Balls will remain as shadow chancellor until the election

January 13th, 2013

Poll after poll says it – Balls is a liability

For me the big news from Ed Miliband’s Marr interview today was his commitment to keep Ed Balls as shadow chancellor until the general election.

Yes it’s hard when an interviewer puts you on the spot like he did – but Ed should have been ready with a less than strong support for the current shadow chancellor.

I’ve reported repeatedly on the polling that contnues to show that Labour gets more blame for the cuts than the coalition – something you would expect to be wearing off by now, particuarly after the shambles that was Osborne’s March 2012 budget.

    Whatever his economic expertise Balls simply does not have the communication skills to meet the challenges that he faces.

For the LAB team to be trailing as they are when the voting intention numbers are good for them shoud be raising the alarm bells. What are the Balls-Miliband economic ratings going to look like when the voting polls get closer?

Ed Balls has been shadow chancellor for just under two years. A further two years could put the kybosh on his party’s chances of returning to power.

Mike Smithson

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