Could the Etonian whose actions cost the Tories 20 seats really succeed Cameron?

January 10th, 2013

There’s been a flurry of activity following an article by Bruce Anderson in the Spectator tipping Jesse Norman to be Dave’s successor.

Norman, who entered the commons in May 2010, came to prominence in July 2012 when he organised and led the hugely successful rebellion that ensured that the upper house would continue to be appointed – not elected.

Only problem was, as was blindingly obvious, this rebellion was not going to be pain-free and so it proved to be. A few weeks later Nick Clegg announced that his party would not be supporting the boundary changes when the detailed plan came back to the commons for approval.

    Given that this probably cost the Conservatives 20 MPs I wonder if the party will remember if Norman should put his hat into the ring when Dave is pushed or decides to step aside.

Norman has already paid one price for the rebellion. He was strongly tipped for preferment in the September re-shuffle but, inevitably, didn’t get anything.

Apart from that I’m far from convinced that the blue team is ready to opt for an old-Etonian once again.

I wasn’t tempted by the Ladbrokes 50/1 and I’m not convinced by the Anderson argument.

Mike Smithson

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