Only Dave going could threaten Osborne’s survival as Chancellor until the election

January 9th, 2013

Should you take the 7/4 that he won’t make it?

It’s been a big week politically for George Osborne with his strategy on the 1% limit on benfit increases being the main domestic political news of 2013.

    Osborne’s plan to put Labour on the spot has worked and what LAB MPs in marginal seats did last night will surely be used by the Tories to try to discredit them during the general election campaign.

The polling has been ambivlent and I’m not totally convinced that either Labour or the Tories have got this right. Only time will tell.

But what this has surely underlined is the central role that Osborne plays in this government and how Dave is totally reliant on him. It’s for that reason that I treat predictions of Osborne’s imminent political demise with a large pinch of salt.

But if anything happened to Dave then we’ve got a whole new ball-game.

Ladbrokes have the best price of 7/4 that Osborne will be be replaced while Stan James have 1/2 that he won’t.

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