Now might be a good moment to look at the Dave replacement betting

December 16th, 2012

Is the incumbent really so secure?

For me striking feature on PB this weekend has that one of the site’s posters who has been an unwavering Cameron-loyalist has become the latest to turn,

Certainly Dave’s circle of close supporters at Westminster appears to be getting smaller and I just wonder whether we might see a leadership contest before the general election.

As we get closer to polling day MPs could be looking at the polls and wondering whether they’d have a better chance of hanging on to their jobs with someone else at the helm.

    When it comes to these matters Tory MPs are an unsentimental bunch as we saw in November 1990 and October 2003.

My sense is that Michael Gove could be the man if there was to be a leadership election. The Tory party is much more comfortable with itself with a more right wing leader.

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I’ll be doing a similar look at Clegg’s repleacement in the next few days.

Mike Smithson

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