Labour, like the Republican party, will struggle to win if it is still getting the blame

December 9th, 2012

Look what happened in the US last month

The latest “blame” polling in the UK

Throughout Romney’s abortive bid to become President his campaign remained confident that the issue of the economy would be decisive and here the GOP candidate mostly had the edge.

Unfortnuately, as the one of the exit poll findings shows, the former Republican administration was even on polling day still getting the blame which made it less of a potent issue.

    Isn’t that the problem that Labour could face in 2015 – the party still getting the blame for the economy? Certainly the polling suggests that the 2 Eds have a problem.

I have made this point before but the US polling reinforces it. The economy is less of an issue for an incumbent as long as more voters continue to blame the last government.

Mike Smithson

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