UKIP averaging just under 17pc with the 60+ group – electors most likely to vote and least likely to change mind

December 6th, 2012

Over the paat week UKIP has been picking up an average of just under 17% amongst those polled by UKIP in the 60+ age group in the YouGov daily poll.

Normally you would be wary of reading too much into sub-samples – but this figure is based on well over 2,000 responses in five polls.

The same period has seen Labour move to overall leads of 12% or more in five out of the last six surveys from the firm.

    The problem for the Tories is that compared with everybody else the over 60s are much more likely to be on the electoral reigster; more likely to vote, and in the past more likely to favour the Tories than other age segments.

THe big question is whether those in the CON-LAB and CON-LD battle-grounds would stick with their choice in a general election. Other polling data suggests that they are less likely to change their minds.

Mike Smithson

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