The money moves away from Ed Balls after his lack-lustre response to Osborne’s statement

December 5th, 2012

His “next chancellor” price moves out to 2/1

The main betting market response to today’s autumn statement has been an easing in the price of Ed Balls in the next chancellor market. Ladbrokes had him as 6/4 favourite which has now moved out to 2/1. Amongst other LAB figures in the betting up and coming 2010 newbie, Rachel Reeves, has moved in to 16/1 from 20/1.

In the normal course of a parliamentary year the biggest moment for the shadow chancellor comes with the response to the chancellor’s autumn statement. In the main budget in the spring it is customary for the leader of the opposition to speak first after the chancellor has sat down.

    Yet today Balls blew it. He fluffed his first line and never really got into his stride.

    This should have been the moment for a calm forensic looks at the coalitions’s programmme which he failed to deliver.

Looking at Ed Miliband I just wonder whether he’s near the point of sacking Balls and replacing him with his brother or Reeves.

An added benefit of such a move would that it be harder for Osborne & co to continually remind everybody of the Labour legacy.

Mike Smithson

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