Osborne’s political task today is to get the blues back into the game

December 5th, 2012

Today’s YouGov poll has the Tories down at 30% – just one point above their lowest level yet with the firm and 14% behind Labour.

Although it is always dangerous reading too much into one single daily poll this latest finding means that the Labour lead has been at 12 or more in five out of the last six YouGov surveys.

This isn’t down to the Labour share getting larger but to UKIP achieving consistently higher ratings over the past week. The Rotherham effect goes on.

All this is the backcloth for today’s autumn statement from Mr. Osborne who must be hoping that what he says doesn’t have the same impact as his budget last March.

Can the Chancellor get his party back into the game? A lot is hanging on this for both his party and him personally.

Mike Smithson

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