Obama’s winning popular vote margin is edging upwards by the day and now stands at 3.45 percent

November 28th, 2012

And there are several million votes still to be counted

Thanks to PB’s AndyJS for the great work he’s doing tracking the final total in the 2012 White House race. His spreadsheet is being updated several times as day and has become just about the most authoritative source for the outcome. Andy is also doing the Wikipedia page.

Just three weeks ago, the day after the election, it looked as though Obama’s overall lead was about 2% and this was the number used to calculate the inevitable polling accuracy tables.

Well as the counting of absentee ballots and the certification of results state by state continues the gap between the two men is getting larger and larger. The 0230 GMT update by AndyJS above and shows Obama now with a 3.43% lead which could get wider.

    For Mitt Romney his total is edging downwards by the day and is heading towards the 47% level – a number which became quite significant for him during the campaign.

For PBers who entered the site’s prize competition in conjunction with William Hill the wait continues. The winners will be the ones who get closest to the final margin to within two decimal points when the results from all states are in. Hopefully we’ll know by next week.

Mike Smithson

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