Unlike Bradford West there’s nothing in the betting to suggest anything but LAB holds in Thursday’s 3 by-elections

November 27th, 2012

On the Tuesday before the Bradford West by-election we started to get reports of abnormal betting activity with a fair bit of money being placed both online and at local bookies on a George Galloway victory.

His price moved in from about 10/1 to 5/1 but still the bets continued to be made.

Looking back that was a pretty solid indication that those associated with the campaign thought they were on to a winner – which as it turned out they were.

Judging by Betfair, where punters bet with each other, there’s nothing to suggest that we are going to see a repetition. All three seats look like LAB holds on reduced turnouts.

At the general election Labour had solid five figures majorities in all three seats.

Mike Smithson

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