Lynton Crosby’s biggest challenge? Turning round Dave’s “In touch with concerns of ordinary people” ratings

November 23rd, 2012

This has to be solved or the Tories have a Romney-type problem

Looking back over the last months of the White House race the biggest problem the Republicans had was that their standard-bearer was not seen as being in touch or understanding the problems of the middle classes.

This became the peg on which Obama’s successful get the vote out operation was based and, I’d suggest, that Labour will try something similar in May 2015.

    The PM’s new strategy guru, Lynton Crosby, has a big job on his hands though let’s remember that he successfully “sold” another Eton-educated Oxford graduate, Boris, to Londoners in 2008 and 2012.

Maybe, though, David Cameron is a bigger challenge than Boris Johnson.

The latest ratings can be found here. Even amongst current CON voters just one in five say Dave is “in touch with ordinary people”.

Mike Smithson

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