Rand Paul’s 2016 GOP nomination price moves into to 33-1 following TV comments that he’d be interested in running

November 21st, 2012

Last night I got a bet on at 50/1 with PaddyPower that Rand Paul, the son of 2012 GOP contender, Ron Paul, would be the nominee for the 2016 race.

Thanks to HYUFD on the previous thread for tipping us off about Paul’s TV interview in which he spoke about his interest.

This is, of course, four years off but getting long-shots in at prices like this can prove profitable. PaddyPower have now brought the odds in to 33/1 where it might just still offer reasonable value.

    A big thing that Rand Paul’s likely to have going for him is his father’s extraordinarily enthusiastic and well organised supporter base that at one stage during the summer threatened to make life very difficult for the Romney camp.

In many states ostensibly won by Romney Paul supporters managed to get themselves elected as convention delegates and could have been in a powerful position. It was only when Ron himself intervened to call his troops off that Romney looked secure.

Rand Paul will be very strong in the states that have party caucuses rather than primaries and he’s likely to have a well-honed fund-raising machine.

Does he stand a chance? I don’t know but as we get closer the betting price is likely to get a lot tighter and it’s nice to be sitting on a 50/1 bet.

The Ladbrokes price is 25/1.

Mike Smithson

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