New ComRes online poll for S. Mirror and Indy on Sunday has LAB lead at it highest level for 7 years

November 17th, 2012

And there’s goodish news for UKIP & the LDs

ComRes operate two entirely separate polls. The monthly phone surveys for the Independent and a much less expensive online poll for the Sunday Mirror and the Independent. Tonight we have the latter with the shares above.

The voting intention shares are showing the trend seen in the week’s only phone poll from Ipsos-MORI.

In this poll ComRes ask a question that it has put before which, I think, was first used by Populus a year ago. It goes: “Which, if any, of these parties would you seriously consider voting for at a General Election if it were held tomorrow?”

From this we find that 26% of current CON voters would consider UKIP and that 18% (up 4) would consider the Lib Dems.

Labour voters possible other choices include the LDs at 13% (+3) and UKIP 13% (+2). 29% of LD voters said they would consider the Greens.

I like this question because it adds a different dimension and points to the scope for tactical voting.

Mike Smithson

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