Tory anti-wind farm campaigners have a long way to go winning CON voter support let alone the general public

November 14th, 2012

Shouldn’t Tories back their leader on renewable energy?

On the eve of the Corby by-election a secretly filmed video has been made public showing that the CON MP, Chris Heaton-Harris, managing the Tory campaign was supporting the abortive candidature of the Telegraph’s James Delingpole.

This is a hugely serious issue in any party and Heaton-Harris could be in worse trouble than Nadine Dorries. People can get expelled from parties for supporting rival candidates.

The apparent reason was the wind-farm issue – something that Heaton-Harris is apparently passionate about. The Delingpole plan was to stand on an anti-wind farm ticket.

    Where this will go we’ll have to see. One thing is clear as the polling above shows – Tory anti-wind farm campaigners have a long way to go before they’ve even convinced their own voters.

It also sends out a very different message on green issues compared with the party leader, David Cameron.

Mike Smithson

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