Calling the bookmakers – what about some interesting markets for Thursday’s elections?

November 13th, 2012

What about the Nadine effect in her area?

Thursday will see the second biggest set of elections in the UK before the general election. The party machines are now getting wound up for the 41 Police and Crime Commissioner elections, the Bristol mayor, three Westminster by-elections an a whole host of small votes.

In Bedfordshire the Tory campaign has bought a four page wrap-round in one of the local freebie papers – but there’s some competition for the attention of voters.

    One thing’s for certain – the parties are taking Thursday very seriously

Yet the bookies have hardly noticed. The only thing you can bet on with the PCC votes, for instance, is on turnout.

What about markets on how many of the 41 posts, say, will be won by Labour and the Tories?

At Corby it looks as though what would normally be massive political news – the loss by the main governing party of one of the seats it won at the general election. The polling says its going to be LAB and the best you can get on that is 1/66.

What about the battles for second and third place? Are the LDs going to lose their deposit. How is UKIP going to do?

Come on guys – get your creative hats on.

Mike Smithson

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