A new book on Osborne could open up the sores about why the Tories failed to win a majority

October 27th, 2012

How the last seven years have been seen by George

Patrick O’Flynn in the Daily Express is reporting this morning that a new book on George Osborne by writer Janan Ganesh, could be damaging to David Cameron.

According to O’Flynn the chancellor emerges as a towering figure “while the shortcomings of Dave” are dealt with at length.

One aspect featured is the background to the famous much-spoofed posters that were unveiled at the start of January 2010. It’s said that Cameron insisted that “his own image should domninate.

    O’Flynn writes that generally: “..Cameron is outmanoeuvred by civil servants and his successes are often credited to Osborne. We learn that “Osborne was intimately involved” in his Brussels veto last December.

    And Osborne’s policy change on inheritance tax in 2007 is credited with saving Cameron from a snap election he would have lost.”

    ……This characterisation defines the Chancellor as the real power and the Prime Minister merely as a salesman for his policies…

In many ways the relationship that is portrayed is similar to the Blair-Brown one although George and Dave are said to be much closer.

Whatever the book is hardly going to help relations between the two men and you can bet that Ed Miliband will use extracts at PMQs.

Mike Smithson

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