Ashcroft poll shows Labour heading for big victory in Louise Mensch’s old seat

October 23rd, 2012

And James Delingpole yet to make an impact!

The Tory peer, Michael Ashcroft has published a second survey of Corby where a by-election will be held next month to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation on personal grounds of Louise Mensch.

    Like other Ashcroft surveys this is a high quality poll using telephone interviews and with a sample of 1,503.

    Not for Ashcroft cheapie online polls that can be carried out for a fraction of the cost.

These are the changes in vote share compared with the 2010 general election: CON 32%-10/LAB 54%+15/LD 5%-10%)/UKIP 6%/Green 1%/ BNP 1%. So a really bad poll for both coalition partners.

The lesson from by-elections going back many years is that parties get punished for having an election when the vote was not really necessary.

I would have expected both UKIP and Mr. James Delingpole to be doing better.

Mike Smithson

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