The Lib Dems the big gainer in new ComRes phone poll

July 2nd, 2012

And also the ComRes TRUTH LEAGUE

A second phone poll in a week has good news for the Lib Dems. Last Tuesday ICM had Clegg’s party up 3 to 14%. Tonight ComRes has them up 4 to 14% – a level they last touched in February.

This follows yesterday’s ICM Wisdom poll where respondents are asked to guess the general election shares for the main parties. This had 32/39/17.

Also from ComRes there is an online poll for ITV news on which profession and occupation are trusted most. As can be seen bankers drop to the bottom of the trust table.

Would you generally trust the following people to tell the truth, or not?
Tell the truth 85
Not tell the truth 7
Don’t know 7
Tell the truth 73
Not tell the truth 15
Don’t know 12
Tell the truth 72
Not tell the truth 12
Don’t know 16
Tell the truth 76
Not tell the truth 12
Don’t know 13
The police  
Tell the truth 59
Not tell the truth 26
Don’t know 16
Professional sportsmen and sportswomen  
Tell the truth 45
Not tell the truth 28
Don’t know 27
Tell the truth 27
Not tell the truth 41
Don’t know 32
Business leaders  
Tell the truth 19
Not tell the truth 59
Don’t know 21
Tell the truth 13
Not tell the truth 74
Don’t know 13
Government ministers  
Tell the truth 12
Not tell the truth 73
Don’t know 15
Politicians generally  
Tell the truth 10
Not tell the truth 77
Don’t know 13
Tell the truth 10
Not tell the truth 78
Don’t know 12

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB