Ladbrokes take just a tenner on Ken since race started

April 15th, 2012

Why are punters shunning the Labour standard bearer?

JUST TEN pounds has been placed on Ken Livingstone to win the London Mayoral election since Siobhan Benita entered the frame according to Ladbrokes.

    Whilst Siobhan Benita’s odds tumbled the bookies didn’t register a single bet for Ken Livingstone as his odds drifted out to 5/2.

The trend has been bucked however and one brave punter has staked £10 on the Labour candidate – whilst Benita racks up thousands of pounds in the same time frame.

Boris Johnson remains the odds-on favourite at 3/10.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “Ken has been as popular as a leper with a bell for the last week. Someone’s finally stumped up a tenner for him while Benita whips political punters into a betting frenzy.”

Dare I say it but if this is what is happening shouldn’t Ladbrokes move the Ken price out even further? A price of 5/2 seems more little mean.